A Trip to South Korea

image Hello students of RS Payne Elementary School and greetings from Seoul, South Korea! I hope you are all doing well in Lynchburg, VA!

My name is Troy Hendershott and I am a Korean-American  I was actually born in South Korea but adopted to an American family and grew up in Denver, Colorado.

A little about me: I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006 and have lived quite a unique life. I was fortunate enough to fall into a career in broadcast television at the age of 18 where I worked many positions (including working full time and completing my University education- so study hard!) and then at the age of 30 I retired to live out my dream of traveling around the world as a backpacker and budget traveler! I left Denver, Colorado and the United States on March 5, 2012 and throughout my life I have been to 35 different countries and have lived in 19! I’ve traveled throughout Europe, Australia, every country in Central America, South America, South East Asia and East Asia! You can JOIN ME ON MY TRAVELS on my website travel blog at www.rtwexperiences.com (RTW is the acronym for Round The World)

I received Flat Stanely via my friend I met while traveling in Thailand and my future plans will be leaving Korea on April 29, 2015 where I’m going to Alaska to try my hand at being a commercial salmon fisherman, which will be living on a boat for 100-plus days. Thereafter I will return to Colorado and Texas to visit family but only for a few weeks before continuing this global adventure, which may take me to India, Nepal, and if I am able to get the visa, Tibet. I also plan to possibly travel and spend a year in Africa so IF all goes well and I don’t lose Flat   image (2) Stanley, he’ll have an opportunity to see a lot more of the world!

All of these photos so far have been taken in Seoul, a city that is the second most densely populated city in the world with a population twice that of NYC, roughly 26.5 million people, but it’s very fun, safe, and exciting! Hopefully more adventures and photos will come soon!

Best Wishes,

image (1)image (6)image (9)

image (3)image (10)image (5)image (7)image (8)image (4)

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