A Visit to Germany

Hey everybody!!
Flat Stanley and I had the chance to go on some adventures around my town, Dresden, Germany! We had a great time. I showed him the Frauenkirche, we watched some bubbles, saw horses, and the Semperoper, the giant, beautiful opera house in Dresden!!  –Angelica Remaley

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A Trip to South Korea

image Hello students of RS Payne Elementary School and greetings from Seoul, South Korea! I hope you are all doing well in Lynchburg, VA!

My name is Troy Hendershott and I am a Korean-American  I was actually born in South Korea but adopted to an American family and grew up in Denver, Colorado.

A little about me: I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006 and have lived quite a unique life. I was fortunate enough to fall into a career in broadcast television at the age of 18 where I worked many positions (including working full time and completing my University education- so study hard!) and then at the age of 30 I retired to live out my dream of traveling around the world as a backpacker and budget traveler! I left Denver, Colorado and the United States on March 5, 2012 and throughout my life I have been to 35 different countries and have lived in 19! I’ve traveled throughout Europe, Australia, every country in Central America, South America, South East Asia and East Asia! You can JOIN ME ON MY TRAVELS on my website travel blog at www.rtwexperiences.com (RTW is the acronym for Round The World)

I received Flat Stanely via my friend I met while traveling in Thailand and my future plans will be leaving Korea on April 29, 2015 where I’m going to Alaska to try my hand at being a commercial salmon fisherman, which will be living on a boat for 100-plus days. Thereafter I will return to Colorado and Texas to visit family but only for a few weeks before continuing this global adventure, which may take me to India, Nepal, and if I am able to get the visa, Tibet. I also plan to possibly travel and spend a year in Africa so IF all goes well and I don’t lose Flat   image (2) Stanley, he’ll have an opportunity to see a lot more of the world!

All of these photos so far have been taken in Seoul, a city that is the second most densely populated city in the world with a population twice that of NYC, roughly 26.5 million people, but it’s very fun, safe, and exciting! Hopefully more adventures and photos will come soon!

Best Wishes,

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Flat Stanley in Thailand

Hello Students!

For spring break, I flew all the way to Chiang Mai, Thailand! It’s my first time to visit an Asian country! Everything is so different here and the weather is very, very, hot.

I decided to start my visit by going to a wat. I learned that a wat is a Buddhist temple, a place of worship for Thai people. To get there I had to ride on a motorbike. Most Thai people in Chiang Mai have motorbikes, because they cost less money than a car or truck. People noticed that I had blonde hair and light skin as I drove by! They called me a farang – the Thai word for “foreigner.”

Before I even entered the temple grounds I saw a monk! I knew he was a monk because he was wearing orange robes, and he had a shaved head. I learned that a monk is a religious man practicing Buddhism.

The wat was on a big piece of property. I found some old Buddha statues. Buddhists believe that Buddha was the first person to find inner peace.

There were some signs with Thai writing about Buddhist ideas.

There were also some very beautiful and large trees. The trees in Northern Thailand are so old!

I learned that these dragons are called a naga, and they help protect the chedi (the most holy point in the wat).

Finally I made it to the chedi! To walk politely in this area I had to take my shoes off.

The gold around the bottom of the chedi is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the base.

At the wat there were many chickens and roosters wandering around.

When I was finished looking around, it was time to drive away on my motorbike!

Before going home, I made a quick stop at the talat (market). There was fruit, vegetables, and many kinds of food for sale there.
Inline image 1

I really enjoyed my visit to Wat Umong in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but now it’s time for me to fly to Korea!!!

A Visit to Paris, France

Wow, boys and girls, I just went on the trip of a lifetime! Thanks so much to Mrs. Hasinger’s friend, Jackie, who took me on a tour of Paris, France, where she lives. Check out the awesome things I saw:

This is the Siene River which runs through the middle of Paris. This is just as we crossed the Pont de Alma bridge.

Flat Stanley_paris1    FlatStanleyparis_5

This is the very famous Eiffel Tower! Ooo la la!


This is the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon. It’s on the huge traffic circle that you see in a lot of movies about France in the area called Charles de Gaulle-Etoile.


Thanks so much, Jackie, for this amazing trip! It’s a wonderful world!

Stanley Visits the Georgia Aquarium

RSP student Estelle took Stanley with her family on a weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia, where they visited the Georgia Aquarium. Stanley enjoyed visiting the bottom of the ocean from outside of the tanks! Some of those fish could have swallowed him whole! Thanks, Estelle, for taking Stanley on a fun adventure!

aquarium 2 aquarium 3 aquarium

Stanley Down Under

AustraliaHere is Flat Stanley in Sydney, Australia. During his visit, Stanley wanted to see a play at the Opera House.  He has been visiting with me in Manly, NSW, Australia. I hope you like his picture.

Flat Stanley came to me from Nora Hamilton.  I hope she likes the picture.

-Taylor Riddle

Thanks, Taylor, for hosting our friend, Stanley! And thanks, Nora, for sending him across the world! Australia is the only country on Earth that is also a continent! 

There’s No Place Like Kansas!

During the months of December and January, I made a trip to Wichita, Kansas to visit your old classmate, Mackenzie.  She was so much fun to be around and I can’t wait to tell you all about our visit together.  There were so many cool things to do in Kansas.  The photos will tell you all about my adventure with Mackenzie!
Grain Elevator

Mackenzie first brought me to a set of huge grain elevators.  These things were so tall, I could hardly get up there!  But once on top, the view was amazing!  The grain elevators belong to a company called Cargill, Inc.  Mackenzie’s dad works for them in Wichita.  These particular elevators were for holding soybeans and the factory they were attached to makes sauces and oils.  So the next time you have Chinese food, maybe your soy sauce came from this factory! 

Keeper of the Plains

After checking out the grain elevators, Mackenzie brought me to a cool place along the Arkansas River.  There is a 44 ft. tall sculpture of a Native American called Keeper of the Plains that was built at the junction of the Little Arkansas and Big Arkansas Rivers.  The Keeper of the Plains represents Kansas’ Indian heritage.  At night during the summer, a ring of fire lights up from the surrounding rocks.  It’s really cool!
Mackenzie's Brother

The newest thing in Kansas is Mackenzie’s little brother.  You can see I posed for a quick picture with them before I left.  His name is Colton and he was born on January 3rd.

Wheat Field
Kansas is known as the Wheat State, so I just had to check out what all the hype was about.  The wheat we’re used to is called winter wheat.  It gets planted in October and grows to look like bright green grass before the winter cold hits.  I thought I was walking in a field of grass in the middle of winter when really it was wheat!  The wheat will grow again in the spring and get harvested around July 1st.
 Wheatland Elementary
Lastly, Mackenzie wanted to show me her new school, called Wheatland Elementary School.  Her teacher’s name is Mr. Floury.  Mackenzie is going to compete in the school’s spelling bee on January 14.  Wish her luck!

Flat Stanley Visits Alaska

Hi RSP!  Can you believe I made it all the way to Alaska? It was freezing in the cargo hold of the airplane! As soon as my host, Samantha, opened my envelope, I told her I couldn’t wait to explore!

Here I am in Resolution Park in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Behind me, across the water, you can see Mt. Susitna, also called Sleeping Lady. On a clear day (which wasn’t the case when I visited) the mountain resembles a sleeping giantess. A children’s story says that the woman was asleep when news came that her lover had been killed in battle. Her friends could not bear to wake her and instead ask the gods to protect her and let her sleep until peace returned forever to that land. The gods complied and now she sleeps under a blanket of snow in the winter and flowers and grass in the summer.


The park itself is named for a ship captained by James Cook, the first Western explorer to survey the coasts of northwest America and Alaska. He was trying to find a north-west passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans. The park has a statue in his honor, showing Cook forever gazing out into the inlet named for him. Can you see me posing near him?



I also explored more of downtown Anchorage. At their visitor’s center, they have a signpost showing the distance between Anchorage and many other cities around the world. 3

I wonder if I will get to visit all of these places, too!

Alaska is a beautiful place. The city of Anchorage is bordered on three sides by high mountains and by the ocean on the other. This unique geography means you can go downhill skiing within city limits! Less than a 15 minute drive away from downtown and I was at the Hilltop Ski Area. 4

This ski area is very popular with locals who don’t want to drive to the larger ski resort in Girdwood, Alaska, a town about an hour’s drive south of town (people here tend to measure distance by how long it takes you to get there, whether by car, train, boat, or even small plane, and not in miles). Here I am in front of the ski lift and ski jump. 5Unfortunately, it was only seven degrees Fahrenheit outside even though it was 1:30 pm (they tell me that this is a little chillier than average for January, but not by much!) and I didn’t have the correct warm weather gear on to go skiing. Maybe next time!”

Thanks, Samantha Blanquart, for hosting me on this neat trip in Anchorage, Alaska! It’s a loooooong way from Lynchburg, but you made me feel right at home!

And now, I’m off to a new adventure…. in GERMANY!  See you all again soon!



Not Too Far from Home

Hi Everyone! Mrs. Freddy has been busy planning my trip to Paris, but I got to spend the holidays with Mrs. Freddy at her farm just outside of Lynchburg, VA.  Here are some of the things I did! This is the barn where the animals at the farm live. There are chickens, guineas, donkeys and cows who call this home! barn



Mrs. Freddy wanted to take a selfie with Gandalf the Donkey, but he tried to take a bite out of me! I’m not a gingerbread man!

nesting box I decided to help Mrs. Freddy collect the eggs from the nesting boxes. Chickens lay an egg almost every day! stanley

These are “free range” chickens, so they spend all day running around the farm pecking at the ground, eating bugs. The big grayish birds with the white heads are guineas. They make a lot of noise and are champion bug eaters! roost

At night, the chickens go up a special ladder and into a barn stall to roost. They actually sleep standing up! It’s been lots of fun learning about farm life, but I’m ready for some new adventures! I sure hope I don’t get lost in the mail on my way to Paris! See you soon!